Some call it the art of SEO and others have other words to describe SEO.  The reality is Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important components of your website strategy.  A successful Search Engine Optimization strategy brings a steady stream of new prospects to your site.  Ignoring SEO might mean your site flounders with a lack of traffic.  SEO is slow, methodical, and does not produce overnight results.  Search engine Optimization is boring… but it is a major artery of your website’s success.

Net Tactics does not guarantee success, nor do we offer 90 day free trials.  We do promise results and will start working day one to improve your rankings when someone searches for a relevant term related to your business.  Over time, you will see increased traffic on your website as we optimize your most valuable keywords.

Why Choose Net Tactics for Search Engine Optimization

With Net Tactics, you’re not just a number, you’re a client.  We don’t outsource or work to India and you’ll have an Account Manager who understands who you are and the nature of your business.  Net Tactics will work to become a Trusted Business Partner offering suggestions to grow your online presence.

How We Track SEO Results

Net Tactics provides customers monthly reports detailing the traffic coming to your site and the rankings of your selected keywords.  We’ll be looking at keyword rankings, the search ability of your website, domain authority, and some other big words the Experts use to determine the success of our efforts.  We subscribe and utilize Moz, the Internet’s Leading Resource for Search Engine Optimization techniques.  Moz helps us with reporting and Moz helps us keep up to date with best practices in the world of SEO.  We share Moz reports with you so you can clearly see our successes and opportunities for improvement.

Search Engine Optimization Accountability

We are often asked how you’ll know we aren’t just taking your money and that’s a valid concern.  We have a vested interest in your business because we rely you, our Client to pay our bills.  You will quickly see that Net Tactics passionately learns about your business and provides resources to grow your online presence.  Key metrics you will see increase with our work include:  number of visits per month, number of keywords ranking in the Top 50, and your total number of ranked keywords.